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Azure Service Bus Relay Load Balancing Demo

This week, the highly anticipated support for load balancing relay endpoints was released to the Azure Service Bus messaging fabric as first hinted by Velery Mizonov and later officially announced by Avkash Chauhan.

Richard Seroter and Sam Vanhoutte posted some very helpful walkthroughs of the functionality, so I thought I would follow up with a quick webcast to show Azure Service Bus Relay load balancing in action.

In the demo, I show starting 3 relay endpoints using the NetTcpRelayBinding with no address already in use exceptions and firing a series of messages over the bus which arrive at one of the 3 endpoints.


This is a feature that many customers and the community has been clamoring for for some time and it is great to see this live!

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# re: Azure Service Bus Relay Load Balancing Demo

Nice Sample.

Although the fact that the other two did not get even one was a little let down .

But this is huge , Now I can expose BizTalk endpoints exposing LOB services on multuiple centres and not have a single point of failure and have higly available sertvices Enterprise- Internet -Hybrid -Highly Avaiolable Bus woo hoo..

10/31/2011 3:45 PM | Abhilash M S

# re: Azure Service Bus Relay Load Balancing Demo

@ahbilash, thanks. Keep in mind this is more of fault tolerant feature than a scale out feature, but I agree, would be nice to see some load distribution.
11/3/2011 5:37 PM | Rick G. Garibay
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